How it works


Add employees and makers

Onboard the employees and makers who will manufacture your products. They add all their info, including where they'll ship from and their bank info used for payroll.


Add product specifications

Ensure your products are consistent no matter who makes them. Add product specifications, documentation and instructions, as well as shipping dimensions and weights to each product. Even upload files they'll need to complete the job, which might include SketchUp files, GCode, and more.


Assign orders

When orders come in, assign them to the right maker to begin fulfillment. The maker gets a notification of the new order and has all the resources they need to make the product.


Print shipping labels

Once the product is made, the assigned maker can print the shipping label to prep for shipment. Since you've already added dimensions and weight for the products, everything is prefilled for single click fulfillment.


Request pickup

Once the product is ready to ship, makers can request a pickup so they never have to leave their house or shop. And just like that, your product was made and fulfilled closer to your customer, reducing shipping cost, reducing your carbon footprint, and cutting your delivery time in half.

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